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Vice Minister Qian Keming’s Address at the BRICS Media Summit


(10:00 am June 8 International Convention Center of Beijing Hotel)

Distinguished Minister Liu Qibao, colleagues, media representatives from the BRICS,

Good morning,

I am happy to attend this BRICS Media Summit. It is very important for the media of BRICS to carry out the institutionalized communication and dialogue and it's of great significance for the BRICS to speak out jointly and tell their own good stories.

The 9th BRICS Leaders' Meeting will be held in Xiamen in less than three months. The Ministry of Commerce is mainly responsible for trade and economic preparation work of the meeting. According to the arrangement, we will hold the 7th BRICS Trade Ministers' Meeting and relevant series of activities in Shanghai on July 30-August 2, making preparation of trade and economic achievements for the meeting in Xiamen. I would like to take this opportunity to emphatically introduce the trade and economic cooperation situation of the BRICS.

Trade and economic cooperation is always an important component of the BRICS' cooperation. This year marks the opening year of the second decade of the BRCIS' cooperation. During the past decade, the BRICS have positively seized the opportunity of economic globalization and made full play of their own unique advantages. Therefore, the economic society constantly realized the rapid development on the whole, becoming an important power to promote the world economy and trade development. At present, the BRICS' economic aggregate proportion in the world economy has risen to 23% from 12%, that of trade from 11% to 16% and that of foreign investment from 7% to 12%. The BRICS also vigorously promotes the reform of global economic governance and maintains the common interests of developing countries and emerging market economics.

Looking forward to the future, the economy of the BRICS is expected to continue to maintain a rapid development, the consumer market is constantly expanded, the infrastructure construction is obviously accelerated and the development of the relevant industries is flourishing. All of these provide a broader prospect for the BRICS to deepen trade and economic cooperation and bring a large number of changes for expanding mutual trade and investment.

In order to further tap the cooperation potential of the BRICS and promote the trade and economic cooperation of the BRICS to reach a new stage, in 2017, China will focus on promoting the "institutionalized, systematized and practical" process of the trade and economic cooperation of the BRICS, practically promote cooperation in aspects such as trade facilitation, investment facilitation, trade in service, e-commerce, intellectual property, economic and technical cooperation and supporting multilateral trade system while continuing to improve the mechanism construction of trade and economic cooperation, and profoundly promoting the integrated market construction of the BRICS.

Specifically, in terms of trade facilitation, efforts will be made to promote to build the demonstration e-port network of the BRICS and strengthen the cooperation in the "single window" and customs clearance facilitation. With regard to investment facilitation, efforts will be made to push the BRICS to discuss promoting investment facilitation and reach consensus on the basis of the global investment guidance principles successfully formulated in the G20 Hangzhou Summit last year. As to trade in service, efforts will be made to focus on promoting all parties to formulate a map for the cooperation in the trade in service of the BRICS and obtain practical achievements in aspects such as information communication, regulation harmonization and platform establishment. In terms of e-commerce, efforts will be made to promote the industry-university-research cooperation and public-private dialogue and encourage members to carry out e-commerce cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and reciprocity. With regard to intellectual property, we have already held the first meeting of the cooperation mechanism of intellectual property of the BRICS and we will define cooperation principles and action plans on that the basis to fully open a cooperative process. As to economic and technical cooperation, efforts will be made to formulate cooperation framework and strengthen policy communication and talent cultivation of members by seminars and training aiming at the requirements of the BRICS in aspect of capacity building. Besides, efforts will also be made to promote all parties to enhance communication and cooperation under the framework of the WTO and continue to consolidate and revitalize the core role of multilateral trade system.

At present, the global economic trade is recovering. But at the same time, the underlying problems such as the imbalance between the world economic structure and insufficient growth power haven't been solved, and the rising of protectionism is also a challenge to the process of economic globalization. We expect to work with all parties to fully take advantage of and play the role of the cooperation mechanism of the BRICS, positively show the confidence and decision of the BRICS to strengthen the coordination and common progress and create a favorable start for the BRICS' operation in a new decade. We sincerely hope to cooperate with the media of the BRICS to positively explore the good stories and experience of the BRICS in the cooperation of all fields such as trade and economy, jointly contribute fruitful results to the meeting in Xiamen in September, and enable the BRICS to be better and better.

At last, I sincerely hope the BRICS media cooperation will obtain positive achievements and wish this summit a complete success.

Thank you!

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