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Deepen Trade and Economic Cooperation, Promote Media Communication, Positively Promote the Construction of Belt and Road Initiative


Distinguished Vice Chairman Wang Chen and President Yang Zhenwu

Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning! I am very pleased to attend the Forum of Media Cooperation of the Belt and Road Initiative held by the People's Daily, and communicate and discuss with domestic and foreign media friends on promoting the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.

In 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed a major cooperation initiative of co-building the Silk Road Economic Zone and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, awakening the world's historical memory of the ancient Silk Road, sparkling the related countries' emotional echo for development and cooperation , winning the extensive attention and positive response of the international community. The Belt and Road Initiative is the top design of China's opening up and economic diplomacy. It is also a Chinese program to promote global peaceful cooperation and common development. It not only depicts the great blueprint of the peoples of the world of building a human destiny community, but also a good vision of the interconnectivity of Chinese Dream and the dream of the world, with a great epoch-making significance.

Since the initiative was put forward, the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative has become better and better in the process of exploration, development and cooperation. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the central government, the Ministry of Commerce has fully relied on mechanism such as bilateral economic and trade co-operation committees and other committees to strengthen communication and exchanges with relevant countries, and has constantly deepened economic and trade cooperation with the countries along the line while winning fruitful outcomes.

We are committed to expanding trade with countries along the line, optimizing the foreign trade structure and cultivating new growth point of trade. We vigorously carried out a series of trade investment and trade promotion activities such as China-ASEAN Expo, China-South Asia Expo, China-Eurasian Expo and other exhibitions. In the first half of 2016, the trade volume between China and the countries along the line amounted to US$446.1 billion, accounting for 26.1% of the total trade.

We are committed to building a platform for cooperation with international capacity and equipment manufacturing with countries along the line. We have established more than 50 overseas economic and trade cooperation zones in the countries along the line. The progress of China-Belarusian Industrial Park, China-Indonesia Integrated Industrial Park, China-Egypt Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone run smoothly, leading Chinese enterprises to carry out investment cooperation in countries along the line. In the first half of 2016, China directly invested US$6.86 billion in the countries along the line, accounting for 7.7% of our national total. The contract value of the newly-signed contractual projects with the countries along the line reached US$51.45 billion, up 37% year on year.

We are committed to advancing trade and investment facilitation and liberalization with countries along the line, and we have signed free trade agreements with South Korea and Australia and completed upgrading negotiations of free trade zones with the ASEAN. We are actively promoting the Regional Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) negotiations and negotiations of free trade zones with the GCC, Georgia and other countries, while striving to build a high-standard network of free trade zone which is rooted in in neighboring countries, covers the "Belt and Road" and faces the whole world.

We are committed to promoting construction of major projects of the Belt and Road Initiative, continuously upgrade the interconnection level of infrastructure of countries along the line, and accelerate promoting a batch of major projects such as China-Thailand Railway, Turkey East and West high-speed rail, Hungary-Serbia railway. These tangible results show that the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative is growing its roots, being carefully plowed, going in the direction of sustainable development, showing a great potential and wide prospect of cooperation and mutual benefits.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Friends!

The media is the window for the people of the world to enhance understanding, the bridge to promote communication and the bond to expand communication. The rich connotation of the Belt and Road Initiative is inseparable from the accurate and comprehensive interpretation of the world media. The principles and ideas of the Belt and Road Initiative cannot be separated from the objective and impartial communication of the media. The construction results of the Belt and Road Initiative cannot be separated from the timely and positively report of the media.

Since the proposal of the "Belt and Road" initiative, it has focalized the world's attention, became the hot topic and focus of the domestic and foreign media. The major media reported the initiative from multi perspectives and multi levels, playing a magnificent symphony not only of different countries, different nationalities, different cultures, but also of related responsibilities, shared interests and common destiny. This created a public-opinion environment for the smooth progress of the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the common development of countries along the line.

It is hoped that the media at home and abroad will continue to uphold the Silk Road spirits of "peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual education, mutual benefit and win-win results", give a full play to the media's advantages and the unique charm of the news, promote people of all countries to deepen their understanding, enhance trust, consolidate friendship, tighten emotional bond, gather a broad consensus, jointly spread a good voice, a new story, and create a new glory of the Belt and Road Initiative!

Thank you!

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