Mr. Qian Keming

Vice Minister of Commerce of PRC


Fifteen new national e-commerce demonstration bases under MOFCOM

The 2020 China E-Commerce Convention was held at the China National Convention Center on the afternoon of September 5. At the opening ceremony, Vice Minister of Commerce Qian Keming awarded the plaques for 15 new national E-Commerce demonstration bases.

The new national e-commerce demonstration bases include Wanxiang International Innovation Port, Jiangsu Information Service Industry Base, China Donghai Crystal City, Wuxi Xinwu Wangzhuang Technology Entrepreneurship and Development Center, Yiwu Landport E-commerce Town, Shishi Young Entrepreneurs Village, Xiamen E-Commerce Industries Park, Heze Tianhua E-commerce Industrial Park, Shandong Fangda E-commerce Park, Shandong Fenghuangshan E-commerce Industrial Park, Ezhou Gedian Central China E-commerce Demonstration Base, Yichang Heyi E-commerce Industrial Park, Shantou Baoao E-commerce Park, Xiushan (Wuling) Modern Logistics Park and Wuhou E-commerce Industry Function Zone.

In the past ten years, e-commerce has developed rapidly in China, and the demonstration role of the national e-commerce demonstration base has become prominent. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments, the localities have accelerated resource integration, studied and formulated industrial support policies, improved public service systems, and established industry-university-research cooperation mechanisms. The national e-commerce demonstration base has played an important role in cultivating micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, stimulating the application of new technologies, promoting innovation on models and digital transformation of traditional industries, promoting entrepreneurship, and creating jobs. In 2019, the total e-commerce transactions of 112 national e-commerce demonstration bases reached RMB 5.37 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 21.6%; more than 58,000 e-commerce and related enterprises were located in the bases, an increase of 8.6% year-on-year; the number of employees in such demonstration bases and enterprises exceeded 1.19 million, a year-on-year increase of 5.8%.

In order to further optimize development layout and enhance the quality of demonstration, in 2020, the Ministry of Commerce comprehensively evaluated 112 national e-commerce demonstration bases and 59 excellent local e-commerce parks recommended by various localities according to the Comprehensive Evaluation Index System and Comprehensive Evaluation Methods of National E-Commerce Demonstration Bases, and decided to add 15 excellent local e-commerce parks to national e-commerce demonstration bases. At present, there are 127 national e-commerce demonstration bases in total.